I Knew He Was The One

The real shayizms I knew he was the one

We met in an unconventional way. I asked a few questions and he answered them. Immediately we were inseparable. It was so surreal that there was a man who shared many of my views and beliefs. We talked about everything from poverty to spirituality. We would talk to one another as much as possible. Most of the time our conversations were video calls. It was really dope to have a semi-long distance relationship (we lived 3 hours away). I enjoyed our conversations and interactions. Every time we got together we would hold one another as if it was the last time we would see one another. Somehow we always made a way to get together.

The way the kids took to him was crazy. They met a few people that I've dated in the past but this was different. They were immediately accepting and welcoming. He immediately jumped in and accepted responsibility for them. We were a unit and it felt so good. It was what I wanted from the time I was a young girl. It felt like a true partnership, like we are in this together.

From the very beginning he showed me that he was willing to do whatever it takes to move forward together. He always made me feel like we were one. He was willing to share his vulnerable moments with me. He wasn't ashamed to be himself. He would always tell me what he was feeling, thinking, doing, etc. We shared our deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams. We talked about a future together. He promised me that he would love me everyday on purpose...

That meant something to me. It meant that he would love me intentionally. That was beautiful. Intentional love. I was down for that. It was pretty awesome to have someone who wanted to be there. The more we talked, the more we learned about each other. The more time we spent together, the harder it was to be apart. Everything we did together was fun. Even going to the store was fun.

There was a particular moment that let me know he was the one that I wanted to have forever. He planned a family weekend of fun for us. Me and the kids packed up and went out for a visit. When we got there, there was a major issue. We had to make some serious adjustments to the plans. He was really upset that the plans had to change. I tried to assure him that everything would be ok. On our last night there he told me that he had a plan to make things better.

The only thing we would have to do is get up early and make one stop. I agreed and we enjoyed the rest of the night. The next morning we got up and left just like we discussed. He told me were to go and I followed his directions. We arrived at a place I was familiar with. He decided to give the place a try because the situation called for a drastic move. He put himself in a situation that could have been critical.

He didn't tell me the risks associated with his decision. He had an adverse reaction to the procedure and in a moment I thought that I would lose him. He sacrificed his life just to make sure that the kids and I had what we needed. That's when I knew.

That is when it was clear to me. I knew that I didn't want to lose him and I knew that he would sacrifice his life for us. He was committed to a lifetime with us and I was more than willing to return the favor. From that moment forward our bond grew.

On this day, nothing can separate us or come between us. We are one. United in love and growing in God. We were placed together to do great things. I am looking forward to enjoying every moment.


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