5 Things Every Kid Should Know

by Aiyana Rae

My name is Aiyana Rae and I am 12 years old. I talk to my mom (Shay Cole) all the time about all kinds of stuff. One day, she asked me to write about 5 things I thought that every kid should know. I guess she asked me to do this because I am always (well, almost always) following instructions, being obedient, and doing the right thing. I am offered trips, money, and opportunities that others are not because I do what is required of me (most of the time). It is really cool. I try to tell my brother and sister my tips but they don’t like to listen to me. Maybe these 5 things can help some other kids be better kids.

  1. Listen to your parents. Why? One of the biggest reasons is because they can always punish you. On the other hand, they will reward an obedient and helpful child. If you don’t listen to your parents you might not here what your parents have to say and miss out on fun stuff. For example, one time my brother and I both had headphones on and did not hear our moms instructions and when it was time to go she left us. Although I was sad, I understand why it is so important to listen. So listen to your parents.
  2. Always be nice. You never know what someone else is going through. Also The Golden Rule is Treat Someone How You Want To Be Treated.  Sometimes someone may want to be left alone. That is their choice. It is not up to us to force people to talk when they are sad or upset. Other times someone may want attention. They may want someone to help them take their mind off of what is bothering them. Either way, it is better to be nice. That is why it is always good to pay attention to someones feelings and be careful of what you say to them. Your words could help or hurt.
  3. Get good grades. There are many reasons to get good grades. One of those reasons is to make yourself and your family proud. For example, my family said they will punish us if we bring home bad grades. Good grades make you feel accomplished. Another reason to get good grades is a job. If you want a good job in the future, you want good grades now. Also your family members may reward you for good grades, you never know. Oh…also, if you are punished or rewarded by someone other than mom or dad or someone close to you, you get more then one punishment or reward. So stay in school and keep your grades up to an A or B.
  4. Show Respect. You show show respect to the people around you, especially your family. Even the ones that don’t live with you. Even the ones you don’t know. You never know what family or even friends have done for you and your family. For example, my nana always give us what we need when we need it. It means a lot that she is willing to help us out. It is important to show her that we appreciate her and respect her. Also if you have been a respectful grand baby, student, friend, or what ever, you might have good things coming your way too.
  5. Live With No LIMITATIONS. Don’t limit yourself! If you do you may miss out on things. For example, this summer I was asked to go on a family vacation with my friend. Her mom took us to Canada! If I would have limited myself to only doing things that I am used to, I never would have experienced another country! Things like going to the waterpark or the skating rink are cool but doing things that are different from what you are used to are even cooler!

I probably could think of some more to write about what kids should know but my mom only asked for 5 so…yeah. Hopefully this will change the way kids see things and how they treat their parents and family.